iWORCS II, An Enhanced Interagency WORKS Coordination Platform - CoP Webinar #20
31 Jul 12:00 PM
Until 31 Jul, 01:00 AM 11h

iWORCS II, An Enhanced Interagency WORKS Coordination Platform - CoP Webinar #20

The Streets Opening Coordination Council (SOCC) has officially partnered with PelicanCorp to roll out a new and improved iWORCSTM platform for the coordination of capital works and general infrastructure projects across the nation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of building and managing infrastructure for the benefit of our communities. This innovative system will enable better communication and early notifications for planners, designers and project managers, resulting in significant savings in infrastructure delivery costs, reduced disruptions to road users, reduced social and environmental costs, and extended road asset lifespans.

Through this collaboration, SOCC will leverage PelicanCorp's advanced platform to enhance our coordination outcomes. Works coordination is the first solution in a series of future integrated services to be offered to our collaborating partners to minimise asset damage, streamline road works processes, and promote best practice approach to providing infrastructure services.

Since its inception in 1909, SOCC has been dedicated to reducing financial waste, public inconvenience, and compromised asset integrity due to uncoordinated street works.  SOCC has pioneered a culture of collaboration and consensus amongst its member organisations that facilitates the adoption of best practice solutions for its participating member organisations.  SOCC instigated the formation of Sydney One Call Service in the early 90’s which later became Dial Before You Dig NSW & ACT.  More recently, SOCC developed and rolled out iWORCSTM to the industry in 2017 as a capital works coordination platform. iWORCSTM is a web-based GIS enabled platform that provides early visibility of planned works, identifies common areas of interest and notifies affected stakeholders of collaboration opportunities or challenges. SOCC now escalates iWORCS to a whole new level of usability and sophistication through its new partnership with PelicanCorp.

PelicanCorp’s expertise in GIS platforms, combined with SOCC’s longstanding commitment to improving local infrastructure coordination, will lead to more efficient processes and significant savings for ratepayers. This partnership marks a pivotal step towards better-coordinated, cost-effective, and community-friendly infrastructure projects.

As one collaborating organisation recently commented, “1 collaboration opportunity pays for the cost of subscribing to the iWORCSTM platform many times over”.

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