Case Study

Sydney Water and City of Sydney Council are collaborating thanks to iWORCS on works to be undertaken on Langley and Burton Streets in Darlinghurst. This collaboration will result in significant time savings for City of Sydney and a saving of approximately $40K for Sydney Water. 

Full Details:

Sydney Water are constructing new sewer and stormwater infrastructure to separate the existing combined system in Langley and Burton Streets Darlinghurst. Sydney Water’s works include the installation of a maintenance hole and pipework.

At the same time, City of Sydney Council is constructing a raingarden requiring drainage to Sydney Water’s new stormwater maintenance hole. Through identification of works and early negotiation, City of Sydney Council will be undertaking the construction of the maintenance hole and associated pipework for Sydney Water, providing a Sydney Water saving of about $40k and significant time saving to the City of Sydney Council project.

The construction of additional Sydney Water assets will soon follow. A number of other locations are in discussion highlighting opportunities in one-time restoration and improved sequencing of  work.