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Streets Opening Coordination Council

The NSW Streets Opening Coordination Council (SOCC) is a voluntary association of member organisations that have agreed to meet together for resolution of issues on a cooperative basis, respecting each member’s rights and obligations in providing their respective services to the community.

The objectives of the NSW SOCC are to:


Foster the safe co-ordination of underground utility works, avoid damage to other underground services, and minimise the impact of those activities on the local natural and built environment;


Establish agreed footway allocations and practices for the provision of utility services; 


Minimise interference to traffic and pedestrian flow caused by road openings for the installation, operation and maintenance of utility services;


Encourage the use of agreed codes and practices for the excavation, back filling and re-instatement of roadways and footways.


Membership of the Council is open to service utilities, local government and road authorities, light rail operators and relevant government regulatory bodies. Membership also include consulting and other groups who have an ongoing interest in street services, such as the service providers or operators of underground oil or gas pipelines.

In recent years there have been significant changes in the operational environments of both utility/service providers and local councils. Corporatisation and the introduction of competitive tendering, together with community service obligations, have sharpened the focus on achieving cooperative and efficient practices.

Community of Practice Webinars

In October 2022 SOCC launched its Community of Practice webinars aimed at shining a light on key issues, as well as sharing information about new technologies, understanding utility assets, various safety concerns in industry and a range of other topics. These session are run as Lunch and Learn MS Teams Webinar events for SOCC members and their invited guests. It provides a great opportunity for leaders to ‘bring their teams together to learn together’, whilst also allowing field operators and constructors to down tools for an information boost. Member organisations can access previous sessions through the member area, providing real value to SOCC membership. Where else can you find free training for all your staff with minimal downtime for your organisation?